Available Sheltie Puppies

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At LND Shelties, we take pride in the health and happiness of our Shelties.

Sheltie Traits

The Shetland Sheepdog, often known as the Sheltie, can be a loving and loyal companion.


G-Force One of Desert MeadowG-Force One of Desert Meadow

Eye of the Storm of Desert Meadow X California Dreamgirl of Desert Meadow Blue Merle

   We kinda got JJ by accident. I was helping out my friend from Germany, Nadine Witt, by keeping him here for several months, not realizing that JJ and I would become so attached! He is my little boy. I’ve never had Blue Merles—I always bred Bi-Blues—but JJ changed all that. He is just so loving and cuddly. He’s always there on my lap, giving hugs and kisses. When I ask my husband where JJ was, he’d always say, “Just look down”, and he was right by my side. JJ loves his toys and bones. What a special boy he is. You can look forward to some Blue Merles and Tri’s in the future breedings here at LND Shelties


Meet Kasper, a Harlequin Blue Merle and White Shetland Sheepdog

Felicity Dream Catcher at LND x Penpals cinjays B4 the storm
The sweetest boy you would ever want to know. He just loves everyone.


LND’s Misty Morning Blaising Legacy

LND’s Dreams in the Mist CGC X Sheba-LND’s Queen of Dreams
Sable Merle, Sable Merle & White
Lego is our very special homebred boy out of Turtle and Sheba. He is everything we’d hoped he would be, showing the best of both sides of the pedigree.


 he is the perfect image of his father - Lego 


LND’s Dreams in the Mist CGC

Misty Morning Blue Diamond X UKC CH Wilbrook’s New Beginning
Bi-Blue, Blue Merle & White

   This is the special little boy that Diamond gave to me. He is by Misty Morning’s Blue Diamond and UKC CH Wilbrook’s New Beginning, co-owned with TJ Shelties. He, too, is my soul dog. Along with Diamond, Turtle goes everywhere I do—you just can’t go wrong owning a Sheltie. Turtle entered a puppy match at 3 months old, and took 2nd-4th place wins under two judges. Not bad for being the youngest puppy there!

   In April of 2006 we took Turtle to a the Harrisburg Kennel Club dog show, a 4-day dog show in Harrisburg, PA. In the Sweepstakes Specialty for puppies under 18 months, Turtle placed 2nd, and in the Novice Class, placed 1st.

   In September 2006, we took Turtle to visit a Kanine Karnival hosted by KPETS (Keystone Pets Enhanced Therapy Services). They had testing for CGC (Canine Good Citizen), so we tried it out, and by gosh, we passed! I couldn’t believe it. The people at KPETS would like me to register Turtle as a therapy dog. I have not yet decided.