Available Sheltie Puppies

Please check back to this page periodically to see what precious new pups are available! 

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At LND Shelties, we take pride in the health and happiness of our Shelties.

Sheltie Traits

The Shetland Sheepdog, often known as the Sheltie, can be a loving and loyal companion.


Meet Lexi; a Harlequin blue merle and white shetland sheepdog

LND’s Chasing Rainbows
Blackmyst Rip Tide x LND’s Kali dancin on a dream

This beautiful girl is crazy. She is a talker and always has something to say. Will talk back to you when you tell her no. She is such a pleasure to have in our family.


LND’s Cricket on a hearth

Bidway’s on the dark side at LND x LND’s Penny’s from Heaven
Sable and white

Cricket is a very sweet loving girl. Always on the lap or near by.


LND’s Penny’s from Heaven

Felicity Dream Catcher at LND x Felicity Hey Girl
Sable and White

Gorgeous coat, great personality and a lover. She makes the sweetest babies.


she is a fun loving crazy kind of girl...


Meet Whiskey, a sable merle shetland sheepdog

Meet Whiskey, a sable merle shetland sheepdog
LND’s drinking dark whiskey
LND’s Mistymorning blaising legacy x Odyssey I’m bad to the bone–cinjay

She is such a sweet and calm, loving girl. Just always with you.